‘Walking With Dinosaurs,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


When my oldest son was a tot, one of the videotapes in heavy rotation on our TV was the cartoon feature, “The Land Before Time.”

In it, a group of baby dinosaurs – a brontosaurus, triceratops and a couple of others – get separated from their herd during the big migration. It’s cutesy Don Bluth animation, minus the kind of depth of imagery or story that always separated Bluth’s weak efforts from Disney animated features.

“Walking With Dinosaurs,” a 3D movie whose title suggests spending a day with the Republican leadership, is like a more expensive “Land Before Time”: bad writing, corny jokes and a weak (and familiar) plot.

The wraparound here is about an archaeologist (played by Karl Urban), who takes two kids with him on his dig in Alaska. One of the kids isn’t interested enough to leave the SUV for the dig – at least not until a talking crow lands and magically transports the viewer (though not the kid) back to prehistoric times.

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