‘Liberal Arts,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


Quietly and unobtrusively, actor Josh Radnor is building himself a filmography of  solidly made, unobtrusively sly and intelligent comedy.

With 2010’s “Happythankyoumoreplease” (which had its flaws but also its pleasures) and now with “Liberal Arts” (open in limited release), Radnor proves that he knows a thing or two about love, romance and the human element that always seems to trip people up in pursuit of either.

Radnor, who wrote and directed “Liberal Arts,” plays Jesse, a college admissions officer in New York who walks around with his nose in a book, while trying to convince himself that this job has something to do with literature and academia. He’s pleased and proud when he gets a call from his favorite college professor, Peter Hoberg (Richard Jenkins), at the school he attended in Ohio, asking if he’ll come back to campus and speak at the professor’s retirement party.

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