‘Finding Nemo 3D,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


It used to be that Disney would rerelease its old animated features on a regular schedule into theaters, reaching a new audience every decade or so with sure-fire quality entertainment that made parents cheer and kept kids entertained.

That equation was upset with the rise of home video – but Disney has found a way to go back to the well on a new path: 3D.

So the studio rereleased its Oscar-winning “Beauty and the Beast” in a retro-fitted 3D version that didn’t really solve the problem of turning two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional images.

But with this week’s release of “Finding Nemo 3D,” that equation has been solved as well. “Nemo,” after all, is a fully digital production, a Pixar computer-animated marvel that won the Oscar in 2004. One has to assume that the translation of digital images from two to three dimensions is a lot less challenging than trying to add a third dimension to flat drawings.

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