7 Most Pleasurable ways to Make a woman squirt

I still can’t believe how many guys obsess over a woman’s body and worship every curve only to jump straight “down there”, the moment he thinks she won’t turn him down. Maybe it has something to do with our caveman instinct and our need to procreate.

Maybe some guys would just prefer to finish the deed as quickly as possible in case she changes her mind. Whatever the case, you owe a woman’s entire body the attention and stimulation that she desires and deserves. She doesn’t want you jumping straight for clit or breasts the second she gives you the green light. In fact, there are so many ways you can go before you snap that bra off. These are seven often neglected female erogenous zones to consider and some of the most pleasurable ways to press those buttons.

7 Most Pleasurable ways to Make a woman squirt

Her lips- No, not those lips; the ones on her face. Those pink flesh mounds that make her smile. Ever wonder why romantic movies involve so much kissing? It’s because the fastest way into a woman’s panties is through her lips. So practice kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling her lips to stir up some powerful emotions.

Her neck- The back of the neck is extremely sensitive and the slightest breath or kiss delivered to her nape can make her body tingle in anticipation number.

Her ears- A woman is always listening which means her ears are an easy target right? Kissing, licking or whispering sweet nothings can quickly stir some erotic emotions. Whisper an erotic thought close to her ear followed with a kiss and watch her get aroused with spark!

Her thighs– Specifically the inner thighs, this succulent part of a woman’s leg is highly sensitive to kissing, stroking and touching. This is a great erogenous zone in which you can put an emphasis on before oral sex. If you really want to get her in the mood, tease her inner thighs with soft kisses before you make your way to her clitoris. Enjoy making her wet and build up her sexual desires with the assurance of more to come. When I surveyed women about where they really liked a sexual partner to touch most; besides her butt, breasts, and kitty, the inner thighs came in at the number two spot.

Her rear- Most men would tend to go crazy over a woman’s bubbly buttocks in courtship, yet rarely give it enough attention in the bedroom. Her butt is one of my favorite erogenous zones to spend some time on. Why do you think so many women love the idea of getting spanked? It’s not just a kink, the butt is highly sensitive. So use your imagination when loving her butt. Kiss it, lick it, squeeze it, spank it and worship it a number.

Her back- It’s the largest of all her erogenous zones and even just the simplest touch can make her entire body quiver. If you’re both lying in bed and talking, just slip your hand up the back of her shirt and slowly move the tips of your fingers up and down along the entire length of her back. Talk in a calm and relaxing voice to match the physical stimulation that she’s getting and watch her melt before your eyes!

Behind her knees- Amongst the most-ignored intimate erogenous zones in the feminine body? Hint: It is also a place you may feel really ticklish. Your skin behind the legs can be a part of a chain of erotic experiences, either by kissing or lightly massaging with an essential oil or cream. Some women find this area especially thrilling and enjoyable when showered with soft touch or caresses. Also keep in mind the tops of the legs, too, as they are a significant erogenous zone–all-round the kneecap. That is one place in which a little nibbling can often lead to pleasant and pleasurable experience.

So here’s my challenge to you; the next time you’re with a woman, don’t even think about touching her breasts or pussy until you’ve stimulated each of these seven ways will help a man to make a woman squirt. I guarantee that you’ll find your girl wetter and hungrier for you than she’s ever been.