‘The D Train’: Hop aboard for dark laughs


As squirm comedies go, “The D Train” is a breed apart, a film that puts new spin on the bromance.

The bros in question are Dan Landsman (Jack Black) and Oliver Lawless (James Marsden), who haven’t seen each other since high school. Now Dan is on the high-school reunion committee, where his cheery cluelessness rubs everyone the wrong way.

Indeed, the others mock his bossiness, pointing out how short the RSVP list is so far. Then, while surfing late-night TV, Dan spots Oliver on a suntan lotion commercial — and has an epiphany.

He’ll reach out to Oliver, the coolest kid in their high-school class. He’ll get Oliver to agree to come — and be a hero for doing so, bathing in the reflected glory of Oliver’s presence. Ergo: he’ll be as cool as Oliver.

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