Apple’s iPhone 8 will release on the September 2017 With OLED display

According to the DigiTimes, iPhone 8 will be produced around 60 million to 70 million units in 2017 which is very huge. They have to do the Global Shipments right after the release of the phone. So, it’s common to produce the phones in this huge amount.

Actually those all sales are included the previous version of iPhone 7s which will be the size of at 4.7 and 5.5 inches. There was a new report says that Apple will increase its yearly iPhone upgrade with three new models which have released in 2017. Apple iPhone 8 Release Date There is an even big rumor that the Samsung will be producing and supplying the necessary OLED panels for the 5.8-inch iPhone 8. They have said they will supply over 20 million units per month because they are also planning to have the OLED display in their devices.

Apple’s iPhone 8 will release 2017 With OLED display:

Apple is in taking few more supplies for their need. The suppliers have reported that they include Nissha Painting, which is expected to provide touch sensors, and TPK Holding, which will help them to win the contract bond those sensors to the AMOLED display.

Now they will work on this procedure later on they are expected to produce small volumes for the iPhone 8 in March 2017. So, output may increase in May and June, looking after this we can say that Apple’s iPhone 8 will release on the September of next 2017.

So, there might be any missing news from Apple product rumors, but we will made the publication of news throughout the updates because we have a information from inside Apple.

There are lots of predictions going out there. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI, the new iPhone models with the OLED iPhone 8 will go to sale in 2017 and there is a prediction of 50 and 55 percent of shipments for these models. You might know that this time iPhone 8 will have bezel-less Display. Due to this there are lots of new features added to the iPhone 8. There will be adds of features called earpiece and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. So, this OLED iPhone will be designed radically to celebrate 10th anniversary of Apple’s iconic smartphone.

celebrate 10th anniversary of Apple’s iconic smartphone:

There are big rumors about the size of the display, actually there are news are spreading out. There was a report made by the popular website, 5.8-inch display will be features in iPhone 8 and once again it reported in the last week that it might have 5.1- to 5.2-inch range. There might be any feature for the display of the product, now we need to agree that they are buying flexible OLED panels and they are sized around 5.8-inches.

You might know about iPhone 7s upgrades where they expected to have the LCD panels with the same 4.7- and 5.5-inch sizes of the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus series. So, there will be a modifications are expected to be in 7s series. They might change the metal by adding the glass rear casing.