‘The Prey,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


“The Prey” is one of those high-energy suspense thrillers that the French seem to toss off effortlessly – then sit back helplessly as Americans muck up the remake.

I dare you to watch this film and not spend the second half recasting it in your mind with American stars.

Albert Dupontel plays Franck Adrien, a bank robber finishing his sentence with just a few months to go. But when he intervenes to keep his creepy cellmate (in on a charge of molesting a teen-age girl) from taking a beating by other prisoners, his sentence is extended.

In gratitude, his cellmate, Jean-Louis Maurel (Stephane Debac) – whose charges are dropped when his victim admits she made them up – offers to help Franck protect the money he stole from greedy partners who are looking to grab it all for themselves before Franck can get out. Desperate, Franck gives him a message to deliver to his wife that will lead to the loot.

But within a few days, Franck has a visit from a cop, Carrega (Sergi Lopez), who asks questions about Maurel – because he long suspected that Maurel was responsible for the disappearance and death of a string of teen-age girls.

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