‘Trance,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


Danny Boyle is one of those filmmakers – like Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese – who obviously enjoys every minute of making his movies, including editing the last, most minute detail.

His films pop and jump with energy and excitement – even when they’re not actually showing something exciting. In fact, the Boyle films that feel too staid or formulaic – things like “A Life Less Ordinary” and “The Beach” – give off that odor of friction, as though Boyle were struggling against the bonds imposed by a studio film.

“Trance,” however, feels like a Boyle escapade from start to finish. He takes this tricky puzzle of a heist-gone-wrong story and uses it to tickle the viewer’s imagination, to make him think he’s seeing things he’s not, while showing him things early on whose meaning only becomes clear later.

It’s a hard film to explain without giving too much away, so let’s just leave it at this:

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