‘You’ve Been Trumped,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


America’s love affair with the stars of big business should have come to an end with the greed-driven crash of our financial system in 2008. Yet, somehow, Donald Trump remains not just a celebrity but one who was actually considered seriously as a presidential candidate – for about a minute.

Mostly, his candidacy seemed to be about promoting the latest round of “Celebrity Apprentice,” a show whose willingness to indulge Trump’s colossal ego (and ridiculous hair) continues to astound (even more than the shameless spotlight-seeking of third-rate has-been stars).

But the star of the show is still Trump. Why this gigantic turd with legs remains the object of fascination to so many speaks unfortunate volumes about the plummeting IQ of the mass audience.

If you didn’t think Trump was a loudmouth bully before seeing the new documentary “You’ve Been Trumped,” you can’t help but come away from this film with that impression. As he runs roughshod over a pristine bit of Scottish environment in pursuit of putting his name on yet another piece of the planet, you’ll find yourself wishing for nothing so much as the chance to be in his proximity with a rotten tomato or, perhaps, a large whipped-cream pie.

“You’ve Been Trumped” isn’t particularly revelatory, nor is it an outstanding piece of film-making. Director Anthony Baxter does what he can with what he’s got, but he only has so much to work with. Still, it’s enough to lead you to the undeniable conclusion that Donald Trump is all hat and no saddle, a rich guy who can buy influence and bullyboy security, while trampling the lives of anyone who gets in his way. He’s like old Mr. Potter of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” minus the comeuppance.

In this case, it’s the people of tiny Aberdeenshire, a small town near Aberdeen, Scotland, who suffer Trump’s ego. The location of the British Isles’ only natural formation of sand dunes (designated as a site of special scientific interest by the Scottish government), the land is purchased by Trump who, while shouting his commitment to environmental concerns, announces his plan to bulldoze the dunes to make way for not one but two golf courses, as well as a huge resort development.

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