‘2 Days in New York,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


In her follow-up to “2 Days in Paris,” actress-filmmaker Julie Delpy moves her focus across the Atlantic and switches leading men – from Adam Goldberg to Chris Rock.

The result is another shaggy, discursive and amusing film – long on character, short on plot, full of sly observations about the clash of Franco-American culture, this time in the USA.

Delpy’s character, an artist named Marion, has jettisoned her neurotic hubby, Jack (Goldberg), and is now living with Mingus (Rock), a New York radio personality and Village Voice columnist. They share custody of his daughter and her son.

But their already harried life in their downtown loft is about to be invaded by her family: her father, Jeannot (Albert Delpy, the director’s real-life father); her sister Rose (Alexia Landeau), and her sister’s boyfriend Manu (Alex Nahon), who is also an ex-boyfriend of Marion, a fact she hasn’t mentioned to Mingus.

And then – well, not a lot happens.

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