‘Your Sister’s Sister,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


Lynn Shelton had me at “Humpday,” the feature that introduced me to the intuitively funny filmmaker, who comes back strong with “Your Sister’s Sister,” opening in limited release Friday (6/15/12).

Working once again with Mark Duplass, Shelton brings Emily Blunt and Rosemarie Dewitt into the mix, in a story of unspoken and unintentional attraction. Shelton’s loose, natural approach to acting and scene structure is meant to be instinctive. And Shelton should definitely trust her instincts.

Working from a story that Duplass brought her, Shelton crafted a tale of a guy, grieving over the death of a beloved brother, who accepts the invitation of a close female friend, Iris (Emily Blunt). She gives him the keys to her family’s island cabin near Seattle, on the proviso that he go there alone and just unplug in order to deal with his feelings.

He arrives there late, to discover that someone else already is in the cabin – another family friend, apparently, named Hannah (Dewitt). Once she’s convinced that he’s not some masher and has a genuine claim to the cabin as well, she lets him stay and they decide to coexist.

She, as it turns out, is hiding out after a bad breakup with a lesbian lover. She’s been involved with men before but has been committed to same-sex relationships for a while.

But the heart is a tricky thing, particularly when combined with a large amount of drink. And, in what they drunkenly agree is strictly a one-time, what-the-hell, spur-of-the-moment thing, they sleep together. After which he discovers that, in fact, Hannah is Iris’s half-sister. Which, of course, forces him to focus on the fact that he actually has feelings for Iris.

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