‘A Cat in Paris,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


Nominated for the Oscar as best animated feature (which went to the visually brilliant but drastically unfunny “Rango”), “A Cat in Paris” is a slight but entertaining tale, most noteworthy for going old-school, with hand-drawn animation.

Directed by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol from a script by Gagnol, this film clocks in at less than 70 minutes. It’s involving and occasionally funny, though its imaginative animation is its best feature.

The titular feline is named Dino. He belongs to a little girl named Zoe – but at night, he goes to visit a cat burglar named Nico (Steve Blum). Dino prowls the rooftops of Paris with Nico, like a good-luck charm trailing in the agile thief’s wake. Then he returns home to Zoe every morning.

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