‘This Means War,’ reviewed by Marshall Fine


There’s nothing wrong with “This Means War” that a humor-transplant couldn’t cure.

Granted, romantic comedy is the hardest kind of comedy to pull off, especially when that romcom also wants to be an action-thriller. But director McG – who is like a less grandiose version of Michael Bay – doesn’t even come close with “This Means War,” the most humor-challenged big-budget effort since “The Tourist.”

In some ways, “War” is the bromance version of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” which could have been by McG but, instead, was by Doug Liman, who is like McG with a functioning brain. Instead of two spies trying to kill each other because each thinks the other has gone rogue, “War” pits America’s two top agents (who happen also to be best pals) against each other – over a woman.

That’s the joke. Trust me, it’s the only joke.

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