‘New Year’s Eve’: Go to bed early


When is a comedy not a comedy?

When it’s one of what apparently is becoming a series of holiday-themed movies by Garry Marshall.

“Valentine’s Day” was the 2010 date movie from hell – an all-star cluster-grope that had fewer laughs than a rerun of “Laverne & Shirley,” Marshall’s signature TV show.

Now comes “New Year’s Eve,” yet another mix-and-match mash-up of movie stars, holiday bromides and a laugh-free – even laugh-retardant – script by Katherine Fugate.

And Marshall has a full house of star power here, covering the whole demographic spectrum: everyone from Robert De Niro to Jon Bon Jovi, from Halle Berry to Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashton Kutcher to Zac Efron, Lea Michele to Hilary Swank to Michelle Pfeiffer.

Whew. Let me catch my breath. It’s like an agent’s nightmare – so many stars, so little screen-time.

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