Richard Schickel


RICHARD SCHICKEL, one of the nation’s most influential film critics, has been reviewing movies for Time Magazine since 1972. Before that, he was the film critic for Life.

Schickel’s most recent book is Cary Grant: A Celebration published by Applause Theatre Book Publishers in 1998. His other titles include Clint Eastwood, A Biography, Intimate Strangers: The Culture of Celebrity, D.W. Griffith: An American Life, The Disney Version, His Picture in the Papers, about Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and the beginning of the modern celebrity system, Another I, Another You, a novel, Schickel On Film, a collection of his longer essays on film, and Brando: A Life In Our Times.

Schickel pursues a second career as a producer-writer-director of television programs, most recently for the American Film Institute’s special on the 100 Greatest Movies of the 20th Century, telecast on CBS, with a more extended series on TNT. Other television projects have included “Ella Kazan: A Director’s Journey” (AMC), “The Moviemakers,” a series of director career profiles (PBS), and “The Harryhausen Chronicles,” a retrospective about the stop-animation pioneer (The Disney Channel and Columbia TriStar Home Video). He began his television enterprise in 1971 with “The Men Who Made Movies,” an eight-part PBS series, which served as the basis for his book of the same title. Schickel’s filmography also includes “Life Goes to the Movies,” a three hour history of American movies in the sound era, genre compilations “Funny Business” and the “Horror Show” (CBS), “Into the Morning : Willa Cather’s American,” a biography of the author (PBS), biographical portraits of Vincente Minelli, the director (PBS), and Gary Cooper, Myrna Loy and Barbara Stanwyck (all for TNT), and “Hollywood on Hollywood“, a history of movies about making movies (AMC).

Schickel was born in Milwaukee, educated at the University of Wisconsin and lives in Los Angeles. He has two daughters. He has held a Guggenheim Fellowship and is the winner of the British Film Institute Book Prize.