Michael Atkinson

Michael AtkinsonPublications: The Village Voice, In These Times, Sight & Sound, Moving Image Source, Time Out New York
Twitter: @AtkinsonZero

Easily the most trustworthy of the Circle’s members, if not the most physically beautiful, Michael Atkinson is the author of seven books, including Exile Cinema: Filmmakers At Work Beyond Hollywood (SUNY Press), Flickipedia: Perfect Movies for Every Occasion, Holiday, Season, Mood, Ordeal and Whim (Chicago Review Press), Ghosts in the Machine: Speculating on the Dark Heart of Pop Cinema (Limelight Eds.), and two novels from St. Martin’s Press, Hemingway Cutthroat and Hemingway Deadlights. He currently also writes the weekly column VIVA MABUSE! at Sundance Now, and regularly contributes to TCM.com, The Believer, Time Out New York, Cineaste, LA Weekly, The Criterion Collection, The Progressive, and other venues. He teaches film history, screenwriting, criticism and general uppityness at Long Island University-C.W. Post.